Our genesis

The company was established by leading UK Family, Lifestyle & Parenting influencers Adanna & David, a husband and wife duo who have been creating online content for over six years.

Their journey as content creators started after a dance video of them went viral in 2014. Together with their beautiful boys Kian & Noah, they have amassed an audience of over half a million on their combined social media platforms, and consistently upload bi-weekly videos on their YouTube channel, as well as family content on their Instagram. Other active platforms include Facebook, Blog & TikTok.

As a bi-racial family, with a core value rooted in Equality, Adanna & David have gained momentum due to their contribution to the topic of how parents can incorporate racial education and purposefully raise anti-racist children.

Professionally Adanna who trained as a Medical Doctor is is a full time digital entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and female empowerment coach. David is a business consultant, business coach and founding member of a reputable charity organisation 'Go Ahead', that is facilitating access to education for children and young people in sub-Saharan Africa.

A lot of their professional work can be found on LinkedIn.

Why you should choose us

Due to our passion, our unrivalled experience, our family network, and a strategic approach to each campaign, we are not only on top of our game, we drive results!

With any campaign, we authentically tell your story, and organically introduce your brand to a new audience, thereby increasing visibility that ultimately translates to new customers.

Here’s what you’ll benefit from when you work with us:

A strategic and creative approach to brand messaging

A wealth of experience delivering brand x influencer campaigns

A network of authentic influencers, with a creative voice

Detailed KPIs and measurable results

A consulting service that provides clear steps for enhancing your brand across social media

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